2016 Schedule and Participating Orgs



Video Opening POPSICKLE
Naomi Jackson Sundays at Erv’s
Roberto Montes POPSICKLE
Wo Chan No Tokens
Bridget Brewer No Tokens
Janice Lowe Belladonna*
Rachel Levitsky Belladonna*
Nicholas Goodly Earshot
Hannah Lillith Assadi Sundays at Erv’s
Precious Okoyomon POPSICKLE
Mark Gurarie The Operating System
connie mae oliver Singing Saw
Chris McCreary Boog City
Wanda Phipps Boog City
Alan Semerdjian Boog City
Peter Longofono The Operating System
Elisa Gonzalez Earshot
Marisa Crawford No, Dear
Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz No, Dear
Joey De Jesus No, Dear
Jess X. Chen OMDiosa
Sasha Banks OMDiosa
Maria Baker OMDiosa
Jami Attenberg POPSICKLE
Paul Tran Poets With Attitude
Aziza Barnes Poets With Attitude
Sasha Fletcher Poets With Attitude
Chi Nguyễn Singing Saw
Kyle Lucia Wu Volume 1 Brooklyn
Jane Liddle Volume 1 Brooklyn
Alex Crowley The Operating System
Ruby Brunton Vapors
Stephon Lawrence Vapors
Melissa McDaniel Vapors
Tyler Morse Vapors
Eno Edet Paper Cuts
Douglas Piccinnini POPSICKLE
William Lessard Cool As F***
Adam Tedesco Cool As F***
Ilana Masad Cool As F***
Anna Flinchbaugh Paper Cuts
Montana Ray Highwaymen NYC
Natalie Eilbert Highwaymen NYC



About the Participating Organizations

Boog City
Readers: Chris McCreary, Wanda Phipps, Alan Semerdjian

Boog City is a New York City-based small press now in its 25th year and East Village community newspaper of the same name. It has put out approximately 200 publications, including 35 volumes of poetry and various magazines and a newspaper, featuring work by Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti among others, and theme issues on baseball, women’s writing, and Louisville, Ky. It hosts and curates two regular performance series—d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press, featuring a non-NYC small press, its writers, and a musical act; and Classic Albums Live, where up to 13 local musical acts perform a classic album live. Past albums have included Elvis Costello, My Aim is True; Nirvana, Nevermind; Sleater-Kinney’s, Dig Me Out; and Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville.

Cool As F***
Readers: Adam Tedesco, Ilana Masad, William Lessard

Cool as F*** is a monthly series at Pete’s Candy Store that incorporates music and storytelling into the reading series format. Hosted by Bill Lessard, Melissa McDaniel and Bud Smith, it has been profiled by the Rumpus, About.com and Brokelyn. New York Magazine called it, “a kooky variety show went to the library.” Cool as F*** is the place to go to catch an up-and-coming literary star or watch Alexandra Kleeman sing Francoise Hardy on ukulele.

Death Panel
Reader: A. M. Gittlitz

Readers: Elisa Gonzalez, Nicholas Goodly

Earshot is a monthly reading series founded in 2005 to showcase the work of emerging writers–within and outside of the university and MFA model–and established writers. Since September 2015, it has been organized by Emily Skillings and Allyson Paty.

No, Dear
Readers: Joey De Jesus, Marisa Crawford, Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz

No, Dear is a Brooklyn-based poetry journal featuring new local writing loosely centered on a single-word theme. Each print issue is hand-sewn and features original cover-art. Here are some words about No, Dear from founding co-editor Emily Brandt: “No, Dear grew out of a close and evolving community of writers. We wanted the publication to foster the local writing community, which is why we limited it to work by NYC writers, and chose not to publish online. The content would be local and tangible.We like that some writers create new work especially for the theme, and others use the theme as a lens to cull from their existing work. The resulting issues create a unique dialogue among the selected poems.

No Tokens
Readers: Wo Chan, Bridget Brewer

No Tokens is a biannually published journal celebrating work that is felt in the spine. We are run entirely by women and non-binary individuals, and we are dedicated to featuring the words and artwork of all voices of the past, present, and future. We are here to keep stories alive. We are here to make a physical object to hold in your hands. We are paying attention. http://notokensjournal.com/

The Operating System
Readers: Alex Crowley, Mark Gurarie, Peter Longofono

The Operating System is a woman/LGBT run small press, arts organization, and online platform/magazine based in Brooklyn NY. We’ve quickly grown to publish 10+ titles a year, focusing on underrepresented voices, mixed-genre, avant-garde, and politically critical work, as well as on community engagement with process writing and storytelling across creative disciplines. We also host original critical content and process dialogue from a huge range of creators via our online platform, and frequently host events around the city. The OS seeks to be an empowerment organization, transparent in our administration and promoting an open source environment in which creative practitioners collect and redistribute intellectual and material resources for community development. Visit http://www.theoperatingsystem.org for more
information, and follow us at @the_OS_ on twitter.

Paper Cuts — Paper Cuts is an exploration of the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing, produced by Clocktower.org. Each program features writers, performers, and artists who have shared their work in print, on paper, and in small editions. Zines are truly dynamic publications that have built and supported engaged communities around ideals, experiences, genres, music, politics, poetry…anything that can be printed, shared, and/or mailed. The series acts as a cross section of this varied landscape and rich history. Listen to voices that would normally live in your hands and demand your eyeballs.

Poets With Attitude
Readers: Paul Tran, Aziza Barnes, Sasha Fletcher

Readers: Roberto Montes, Jami Attenberg, Douglas Piccinnini, Precious Okoyomon

Singing Saw Press
Readers: Chi Nguyễn, connie mae oliver

Singing Saw Press is a fine arts and poetry press based in north Brooklyn. Since 2012, they have published Parallax, an annual journal of large-format broadsides featuring collaborations between visual artists and writers. Chi Nguyễn and connie mae oliver, the readers who will represent Singing Saw Press at Popsickle, contributed to Parallax 3 as visual artists.

Sundays at Erv’s
Readers: Hannah Lillith Assadi, Naomi Jackson

Sundays at Erv’s is a monthly series featuring emerging and established writers of all genres at the Prospect Lefferts Gardens bar Erv’s on Beekman. Hosted and curated by Madeline Stevens, the series has been bringing some of the best literary talent to the little PLG clubhouse (famous for its cocktails) since March of 2015. SAE has been featured on Brokelyn, The Village Voice, the Q at Parkside, DNAinfo, and Notable NYC. You can follow Madeline on Twitter @Madeli63 or find more info (and instant pictures of every featured writer) at sundaysatervs.com

Readers: Kayla Morse, Stephon Lawrence, Ruby Brunton, Melissa McDaniel

Vapors is a poetry/performance series structured around historical concepts of madness and its treatments. Vapors – the umbrella term for hysteria, mania, depression and other illnesses ascribed to women – also speaks to the nature of poetic performance, that it exists in a moment, that it can impact despite its ephemeral nature. Learn more about the series on the Facebook page for our “insomnia” themed May 25th reading.

Volume 1 Brooklyn
Readers: Kyle Lucia Wu, Jane Liddle

Founded in 2009, Volume 1 Brooklyn engages and connects the literary-minded from Brooklyn and beyond. Vol. 1 Brooklyn features short and long form content on our website and produces a number of free cultural events to bridge the gaps between various forms of culture and art. Vol. 1 Brooklyn seeks to motivate our community to explore and experience new writers, artists, musicians, and other people and projects we consider vital.